Thursday, 5 May 2011


Yellow again!

You know I've been busy, why waste time on that again? (also it's my excuse for being so lazy here...)
Well, since it has been a long time I posted something, I though I'd show you a peak of my latest work. It has been fuuuun! :D I almost forgot how much I LOVE black & white!
See ya soon! ;}

Also, thank you for your kind comments here :} (I think it would be nice of me to actually comment back :P will do!)


  1. Olá Jo!
    Hummm , é uma peak da Zaka???


  2. How I understand... =A= work kills us. Just stopping by to give ya a kiss you silly b-... hommie! XD

  3. Oi Nuno!
    Ainda não é a Zaka. Estou a tratar dela (em grafite) antes de acabar este desenho que ficou em stand by por agora... Mas está quase!

    Gi... =_=' tem cuidado com o que te escapa, humpf. Beijo de volta ;*