Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Wall Painting

I've been working hard at some new projects, and I'm missing the time to make my own drawings, so I'm gonna take this chance to publish this wall painting I did for my best friend.
It was a long and hard process, but also fun! Initially I made a sketch thatt didn't went so well. It was based on a pre-existing regular sized drawing, but I underestimated the chalenge that is to draw and paint at a large scale! I ended up painting the wall white to start all over again! This is the final sketch that pleased me.

The drawing and I for size comparison (didn't mesure it yet)

Then, the next chalenge! Painting with wall paint material, it's not easy! It took me a while to understand how it works and to figure out how to adapt to it. I first tried a kind of watercolor effect to maintain the pencil strokes visible, but I found it very hard and I messed up because it's just impossible to get that with wall paint...

So, after some large months I finally finished up choosing a more opaque painting with a black outline (with a black watercolor pencil). This is the final result, I'm very happy! (UFF)

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