Saturday, 4 December 2010

Back to life with scars

Yes I'm alive!
"I'm alive, I'm alive!! Mwahahahah!!"
It's true I'm back now, and what a way to be back!... The reason to have been gone, always the same... work, work, work... I'm not complaining, though, in these days and in this country I'm fortunate to have a "job".
Well, anyway, this drawing pretty much explains what happened. My crazy cat Nemui scratched my face away! All because he is very nervous and I took an abandoned kitten into my home. I'm so stupid I forgot and I acted like everything was normal and kissed his belly (something I sometimes do). Bad time to have done it...
The kitty has a new home already (yei!!) And I have new marks on my face... (in the picture I'm thinking he's a fatso)


  1. I like the "miau?"
    Tens uma boa arte Jô!

  2. Obrigada! =D
    Elogios vindos de ti contam muito! :P