quinta-feira, 29 de julho de 2010


Hi there!

This post goes directly in english, since I'm too lazy to write in both languages...

Well, this time here it is, one piece between works. Yep, I'm already on a new job, which is nice, yeah, but I hope to advance on some personal projects as well!

What can I say... me and my best friend are very into playing games and when so, we tend to bet things, just to make it more fun. The only thing is, I tend to lose a lot. I mean A LOT! (and yet I keep playing and betting with her... damn my positivity! I'm allways thinking I can beat her one day!)

This time (as most of the times) she won a drawing. I have a lot more to do also... I gess I can thank her for keeping me practicing!

5 comentários:

  1. sempre que desenhas a "cigana" sai bem ;)

  2. Ehehhe!
    Obrigada, realmente ter uma boa musa dá jeito ;)

  3. :}
    É mais ou menos neste estilo que estou a fazer o desafio Zakarella n_n