Tuesday, 20 November 2012

The Visionaries

The Visionaries HD Trailer from Jump Willy on Vimeo.

Hi there!

It was with most joy that I came across this trailer for a TV series that is still in production called "The Visionaries"! And Jump Willy is the studio behind it - 3D modeling, animation, sound and music... They contacted me to make the concepts for the 6 characters in the series so they could build them in 3D and animate them. This was my second version, which they ended up using as a model for the 3D characters.
It was a great experience to have work with someone as professional as João Seabra and they made a brilliant job on the animation! It was also an unique feeling to see the characters that I imagined and created becoming alive!
Now waiting for the series to go on air!

"Good bike"!


  1. XD!!!

    It's finally out! You did an amazing job and we couldn't be more proud of you! Fly high, dear Jo!!! ♥

  2. Nós aqui em casa adorámos!!!