Sunday, 6 October 2013

Concept Satã - Zakarella

Shame on me, it has been almost a year since I last updated this blog. O_O
A lot has happened on a personal level that got me on a sort of hiatus (well, not for a whole year, though e_e), but now I'm back to work!

As I posted before, I've been working on a project for a comic book - Zakarella. This is Satã, one of the princes of Infernus! Yes he is a bad guy and he has kept Zakarella as his personal slave. As I have to draw him a lot, I felt like I needed to explore his features in a more three dimensional way and also the textures since he's a reptile. It was fun since I started to sculpting the shapes through painting instead of starting off with a line sketch.. I like sculpting :}

Will be posting more concepts here!

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  1. Amanhã tens as falas prontas. O maldito curso de fotografia já acabou. Já fiz duas páginas, amanhã acabo e mando por mail!

    Coloquei as páginas no LBD (acho que ainda não tinham estado online em lado nenhum... saquei automaticamente com a Zakarella 42 users online realtime!